«El espacio entre la pregunta y la respuesta» residencia Mind The dance (2018)

Residencia dentro del 6to Simposio IDOCDE «You Are Here» JULY 27 – 29, 2018 en Impulstanz Festival in Vienna Austria
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Residencia MIND THE DANCE.
Instant where information – stimuli, sensations, comprehen- sion, meaning making – meet our flesh and bone. We are “here”: hunting, gathering, cultivating, excavating, dancing — the body, bodies, networks of bodies, collection and col- lectivity, sites of learning and unlearning… Now.

Patrick Faurot is an American choreographer, director, musician and pluri-disciplinary performance artist. Viktorija Ilioska is a performer and choreographer from Macedonia. Deirdre Morris is a performing artist, dramaturge, choreographer, and educator working in the US and abroad. Melina Seldes is an international performance artist, researcher and teacher, based in Buenos Aires. Defne Erdur (PhD) is trained in Contemporary Dance (PhD), Sociology (MA), Intermodel Art Therapy, Body Therapies, Meditation, and Trauma Healing (SEP).
Photo Frida Luax

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